A day at The Indiana State Fair 2013

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First of all one day is NOT enough! The Fair was HUGE and so much to see it would probably take 3-5 days to do and see it all. However, we had an insanely great time on our day trip there! My mother went with me and my little Gentleman (age 4) and the Diva (age 2) and my husband met us there after work around 5pm. None of us wanted to leave even at 9pm! Such an amazing time was had by everyone!

We arrived after lunch around 1:30 tested out the height chart for the kids. Then we walked around to look at all the rides in the new Kiddie Midway area and BOTH kids were so excited about the rides that we got wristbands. They were reasonably priced the day we went too! The people at the Midway ticket booths were extremely nice and helpful and we loved every ride we went on.

My son was tall enough to ride almost all the rides and all of the kiddie ones. My daughter WANTED to ride all the rides her brother did but wasn’t tall enough. She met the 36 inches though for most of them and boy did she love them! I think we rode every single ride possible twice. My son even rode the big roller coaster thing with my husband but once was enough on that one he said.


The slide nearly broke me….we had to go down that thing about 5 times before I said enough LOL. My husband got to go down with our son and my 2 year old daughter had to go down with me. Over and over and over again…the guy running it warned us the first time we went up that he would see us a lot LOL.

We played a few games too which I LOVE. I think those cheesy unwinnable games are just so much fun. The kids played the duck pond game which always has winners and someone let them win on a strong man hammer game. They won giant inflatable hammers that have been an endless source of fun around our house.

There was an incredible amount of food vendors there and one place was giving free milk fills in sippy cups and bottles! I just love stuff like that even if my kids are too old for that. Though they were nice enough to fill their thermoses which was just the sweetest thing ever.

We got to check out the animation exhibit which was awesome! My kids knew most of the characters in the displays and my son just wanted to play the video games lol. I did too…but we were not allowed. That was more for fear we wouldn’t leave LOL


There were two areas where live music was playing and Styx was playing on the stage the night we went. We didn’t want to take the kids too close but we heard it everywhere on the grounds so that was awesome. We caught part of the Sinbad’s high dive show which is amazing! The guy in the monkey costume was hilarious but I love the pirate theme and my kids loved the diving and jumping of course.

The farm area for kids was a great idea and the kids had so much fun going through it and exploring! I think their favorite part though was feeding and petting goats lol. They do love their animals! We didn’t get to check out the popcorn exhibit, or the Livestock Barns or even the Ball State Ag/Hort Building but our kids were a little young to appreciate any of it yet.

SO glad we downloaded the app! There was entirely too many things to see and do at the fair and that app came in handy to figure out where we were, where we wanted to be and what was going on. Without it we would have gotten lost and not known where anything was or when it started LOL. It had all the information right in my hand and even though I had a paper program guide I used the app. I lost the paper guide…but still had the app because I keep a close watch of my phone =D.

Having only been to the state fair once before I have to say this trip was the best experience ever at any type of fair or carnival. The layout was set up so that you could do everything and not even get tired if you were willing to pay $1.00 to ride a tractor train from one point to another or you could walk easily enough.

Every day it seemed like they had a new deal for entry or ride tickets so you always felt like you were saving money! Over all the State Fair is an event worth going to even if you can only go for one day. Next year we plan on going for two or three days since the kids will be older and can appreciate even more of what the fair has to offer.


“Adults are obsolete children.”
~ Dr Suess

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